Gestalt therapy

Mgr. Karolína Borecká, M. A.

Individual therapy for adults
– in Czech, English and Spanish

I see therapy as an adventurous and revealing journey requiring courage and determination. The courage to look into unknown aspects of ourselves, and the determination to accept the responsibility for our role in our current problems. On this journey, we might be confronted with unpleasant feelings while at the same time discovering whole new sources of energy and joy, a variety of emotions and experiences and a feeling of greater freedom in life.

I offer help in the following areas

  • relationship problems (between partners, in family and working relationships)
  • persistent depressed moods and loss of meaning in life
  • fear, anxious states (phobias, panic attacks)
  • psychosomatic problems (e.g. headaches, back pain, stomach discomfort – problems the cause of which can't be established by the doctors)
  • difficult life situations (loss of a loved one, loss of employment, disease in the family, ...)
  • multicultural matters (coexistence of people from different cultures, life in a foreign country, return from abroad, ...)
  • overwork, burnout
  • understanding one's own experience, discovering one's life story and repeating behavioural patterns, looking for new, more functional strategies, existential questions
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