How I work

I believe that every person has the potential to become who he or she really is when provided the right conditions.

During the therapy, I aim to create a space in which this potential can truly develop. I won't judge or criticise you. I will try to understand you in the context of your current situation and in the context of your life story. Together we will be looking for what matters in your life, what suits you or doesn't suit you, what you desire and what you want to change. We will pay attention to emotions, physical experience and thinking.

I will lead you towards a deeper understanding of the context: how you relate to yourself, to other people and to your life as such. The purpose is to gain understanding of your own processes – how you yourself play a role in the fact that the things happening to you happen to you.

To illustrate the purpose and course of the therapy, I like using the story of Christopher Columbus setting out on a voyage of discovery across the ocean with a small flotilla of ships. I took my inspiration from Ken Evans's An Introduction to Integrative Psychotherapy:

"There were times during his adventures at sea when the wind blew strong and fair and the small ships made good progress. But there were times when the wind fell away completely, the sea turned to glass and the ships floated rudderless and seemingly endlessly, stuck in the doldrums for weeks on end. And there were times when the thunder roared and the lighting flashed, gale force winds brought relentless torrents of rain, and huge waves threatened to overwhelm the ships and crew.
Columbus had set out to discover a new route to India but instead discovered a new world!"

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